Talk about ALLspark platform and its core application inscription “ASK”

Turning to 2024, if we want to do an inventory of the Web3.0 field in 2023, there is no doubt that inscription is a word that can not be ignored. At present, the inscription industry track can be said to be a group of heroes and heroes, the chain is also responding positively, raising the application flag, fomo emotions soaring, the situation is also a rare good.

Fortunately, a friend introduced me to participate in the proposed transaction of “ASK”, the core application of inscription on ALLspark platform. From the beginning of the “normal heart” to the later super-expectation, in just a day or two, this “ASK” has been on the hot search of a number of industry software. “ASK”, let me have a lift the veil, a glimpse of the true face of the impulse. In order to avoid the appearance of a “leopard in the tube”, fall a unfair evaluation, so determined to fully understand the ecology. And according to the existing ALLspark information on hand, to exchange.

First from the ALLspark platform, the introduction is very simple, and can be summarized in one sentence: “build a one-stop cross-chain inscription aggregation system, fusion of smart contracts, gamefi collection of inscriptions to create Web3.0 industrial application matrix”, from this introduction it is not difficult to see the ALLspark platform’s industrial From this introduction, it is not difficult to see the industrial vision and planning of ALLspark platform.

Among them, the most important one is the concept of “cross-chain inscription”. As we all know, cross-chain interaction is the two veins of the value of inscription assets, and now these two veins are seriously blocked, and the inscription assets between the main networks can’t effectively generate value interaction. The concept of ALLspark and the breakthroughs of this technology make it possible for different blockchain networks to connect and interact with each other, and the ecosystems can be more closely integrated with each other, thus truly realizing the inscriptions of the 2.0 era. Crossing over.

As for the platform’s core application inscription “ASK”, it revolutionizes the single play style of inscription, creates multiple sub-applications by combining the platform’s core inscription ASK and combines the inscription and NFT system through smart contracts, and is the first batch of inscriptions combined with GameFi’s ecological applications. Users can synthesize “props” to inscribe inscriptions and realize the circulation of the whole platform.

From the above introduction of ASK, it seems that in ALLspark, ASK breaks through the traditional value object bondage and becomes a real industrial application certificate, which is endowed with new application scenarios and value vitality, together with the combination of GameFi as an eco-application, it will optimize the attribute of circulation of inscriptions even more, and it can be predicted that ASK in the course of development will be immeasurable in terms of value potential due to the total amount of its scarcity. It can be predicted that the developing ASK will have an incalculable value potential due to its scarcity.

The current ALLspark is still in the 1.0 stage, is based on Insc2.0 aggregation platform, based on smart contract technology to lead Insc towards the 2.0 stage, to realize insc based on gamefi and other application scenarios in various fields.

What must be mentioned is that ALLspark will also build a powerful guild DAO system to build a self-organizing and self-governing DAO community for the INSC field, which covers application scenarios such as the Insc gold rush area, guild DAO area, inscription area, mining area, and Insc trading area.

Until just now, and you talk about ALLspark and the core application inscription ASK only to find that this ecosystem in many aspects has appeared ahead of the industry’s concepts and practical applications, the ecological richness and development speed beyond my expectations.

I believe that under the auspices of these concepts and applications, ASK core inscriptions will grow into an indispensable dark horse in the course of the next bull market. On the basis of the original strong consensus value of ALLspark, the first signs of ASK leading the development of inscriptions have already appeared. Therefore, under these conditions, I have the courage to talk to you about ALLspark and introduce ASK, hoping to chase the value of the road ahead of a few more fellow streamers.