Great News! SUI-mermaid world Genesis node global recruitment!

The arrival of the Web3 era signals that the Internet will develop in the direction of more freedom, openness, security and health. With the rapid changes in Internet technology, which continues to penetrate into people’s lives, Web3 will revolutionize the form of people’s life and work. People will no longer be restricted by existing resources and will have more equal access to wealth and reputation.

Consensus is the cornerstone of the growing crypto market. Throughout the history of mankind, ethnicity, community and socialization are the natural results of social evolution. From large families and villages, religions and groups, to small interest groups and various types of clubs, they are all forms of community organization. It was not until the emergence of the Internet that this small and narrow traditional social boundary was broken.

DAO, as a product of Web3 era, will assume the function of organization in Web3 era.DAO is a new way of human organization collaboration, which is the abbreviation of Decentralized Autonomous Organization in English, and it is the collaborative behavior of co-creation, co-construction, co-governance, and sharing that is spontaneously generated by the group that reaches the same consensus.DAO will Change the existing work model, so that personal value can be truly reflected.

Public Chain New Noble New Ecology – Mermaid World Genesis Node Recruitment

It is known, based on Sui network construction of the world’s first arithmetic mining, community-driven, liquidity upgrading NFT aggregation trading platform Mermaid World (Mermaid World) will be in Singapore time on September 15, 2023 (U + 8) to open the recruitment of the Genesis node, the first open Genesis node quota of 40%, while supplies last. Mermaid World is committed to bringing the global top artwork NFT, create a diversified and integrated NFT art platform, and strive to deploy a fast, cost-effective NFT marketplace for NFT subscribers, sellers and creators. Mermaid World, as the global NO1-NFT aggregation trading platform, has received strong funding from WEB3.0 Star Dark Horse Public Chain-SUI Foundation.

Breaking down industry barriers and driving NFT’s global digital transactions

Sui is the world’s first license-free Layer 1 blockchain designed entirely by ex-Facebook developers. As a decentralized PoS blockchain with horizontally scalable throughput and storage, Sui aims to be the first Internet-scale programmable blockchain platform. Mysten Labs, the team that developed Sui, has closed a $300 million round of funding.

SUI was created to solve the problem of blockchain network effectiveness by mapping out the underlying scalability from the very beginning to enable instantaneous transfers, while also providing high throughput, reduced latency, and reduced costs to power applications for billions of users. It is not a derivative of the Diem network, nor is it an incremental improvement. Sui is a stepwise functional advancement in blockchain technology to meet the needs of the next generation of cryptocurrency users and developers.

Mermaid World has four innovations at the NFT transaction level: personalized NFT recommendations, on-chain activity-based information flow, NFT-based brand clubs, and combinable personal spaces. Mermaid World co-launches digital NFTs for many traditional brand enterprises and superstars with huge traffic users, thus capturing the value of new traffic in the entire Web3 world. Mermaid World has become a world-class NFT trading platform.

Relying on the booming development trend of NFT industry, Mermaid is exploring a sustainable business model and distributing most of the transaction fees to the platform nodes and the liquidity provision team, which truly solves the two major difficulties faced by the NFT trading market, namely the lack of differentiation and the lack of liquidity.

Grab the opportunity to become a SUI-Mermaid World Genesis Node

As we all know, whether a public chain project is successful depends largely on whether its community is prosperous and conducive to promoting the development of eco-applications, and node campaigning is very conducive to the establishment of a more democratic, fair, authentic and autonomous community.

Mermaid World is recruiting 99 Pearl Mermaid Supreme Nodes, 299 Gold Mermaid Super Nodes and 999 Photovoltaic Mermaid Community Nodes, with a creation requirement of 10,000USDT and 3,000USDT respectively. The creation requirements are 10,000USDT, 5,000USDT and 3,000USDT respectively. nodes support the network operation in accordance with the consensus mechanism and get the corresponding rewards, Mermaid World’s founding nodes have the community’s highest honor and arithmetic protection, not only can they get the 1% dividend of the whole network’s handling fee and the node’s reward pool of MDCs as incentives, but also can get additional arithmetic Compensation. Therefore, becoming a founding node of Mermaid World means getting a ticket to the door of asset digitization ecosystem in the future.

Innovative model, leading the industry pioneer

The Mermaid World platform supports the complete NFT platform functions: minting, buying and selling functions. Users trading NFTs on the platform, i.e., providing liquidity for NFTs will be encouraged to get the Magical Shell Digital Blind Box, which opens the Mermaid Arithmetic NFTs for Arithmetic Mining, and is rewarded with the platform coin MDC. The platform’s first floor price trading function and simple trading interface enable users to easily and quickly convert their NFT into crypto currency or other assets, and the platform’s high liquidity has attracted many users to use Mermaid World.

A new era for the future with Mermaid World

      Predictably, with the launch of Mermaid World, it is destined to make 2023 a remarkable and much-anticipated year.

Under the wave of global digital economy, Mermaid World rides the wind all the way upward, with advanced blockchain technology support, innovative pass system incentives, feedback mechanism, to truly solve the two major difficulties faced by the NFT trading market with insufficient differentiation and insufficient liquidity, so as to reshape the circulation mechanism, empower the development and upgrading of the NFT industry, lead the NFT industry to enter into the era of digital assets on the blockchain, and be the pioneer in the field of digital assets in the NFT field, so that the people of the world can enjoy the health and wealth of the moistening of the world that is brought about by the Mermaid World!

The beauty of innovation and disruption is that it always starts with building new tools, and then people use those tools to create a world that is more in line with what they want. Obviously, Mermaid World is a decentralized incentive for people to spontaneously build a “everyone participates, everyone benefits” Web3 world, so that the DAO community can form a starburst.