Singapore’s DeFi Lab Plus International decentralized lending platform makes its global debut, opens DeFi on-chain investment era

For a long time, the crypto industry has been searching for and thinking about what a decentralized financial world would look like, and as the massive innovation movement sparked by DeFi spread, many realized that the fundamental point was to create a new financial system to replace the old one. At the same time, the market has reached this understanding of the nature of finance as decentralized.

In the days before DeFi took off, spot and index trading dominated the blockchain space, with people holding a variety of debits, contracts, leverage, and futures for more derivative value. However, these trading methods have gradually revealed their inherent drawbacks after an explosive growth.

Centralized trading faces serious difficulties with manipulation

During the boom in spot and index trading, fancy trading platforms in cahoots with head investors exacerbated the manipulation situation, causing a large number of users to lose confidence in the maliciously manipulated market. Moreover, centralized exchanges often engaged in malicious behavior such as pinning and net pulling, resulting in serious losses for users.

Singapore DeFi Lab Plus International Decentralized Lending Platform

With the decentralized smart contract technology, DeFi Lab Plus on-chain lending platform cuts DeFi application to investors from another perspective, from the FTX thunderstorm, the centralized trading platform is no longer able to safely keep the assets of users, standing in the position of the massive middle-class investors and the bottom investors with limited capital, building a threshold-free investment tool through DeFi application –The DeFi Lab Plus on-chain lending platform will be the infrastructure for a new generation of decentralized finance with high added value. The DeFi Lab Plus on-chain lending platform will be the infrastructure for a new generation of decentralized finance with high added value, and its birth brings light to hundreds of millions of ordinary investors around the world.


Addressing blockchain and traditional lending – DeFi Lab Plus on-chain lending platform is dedicated to reconfiguring the financial system

The entire financial system is like a large, complex and overloaded machine that continues to process the financial exchanges of the entire human society day after day; it is imperfect from the beginning, and subsequent adjustments and updates are stitched on top of the old system, so its underlying system is almost impossible to change, which limits the upper limit of the entire financial system.

In order to make a more complete change, DeFi Lab Plus on-chain lending platform envisions to build a digital finance Lego puzzle, from on-chain lending as the core ecology, thus deriving pledge mining, liquidity mining, GameFi, meta-universe and other systems into different blocks to assemble, and each part of the blocks can be upgraded and adjusted individually.

Users enter the decentralized finance space at the lowest possible cost

In fact, both traditional finance and decentralized finance generally have high entry barriers for users, and many users are afraid to participate in them without professional knowledge and trading experience.

Secondly, the integrated income, from the traditional finance alone, many investments are monolithic models, of course there are some portfolio investments that can bring more investment income for users, but their management fees are very high and the redemption time is also very long, unlike DeFi Lab Plus on-chain lending platform which can basically get in and out as you go, and get solid income every day, plus DeFi Lab Plus on-chain lending platform comes with a profit compounding and rolling mechanism. It can better provide users with the space to add value to their income.

Finally, the DeFi Lab Plus on-chain lending platform will also be dedicated to opening up a new digital financial ecology. It will serve financial inclusion with standardized asset agreements, high value-added derivatives, and high-yield machine gun pool aggregation ecology, and become a golden building block of the future decentralized financial DeFi track.